Thyroid is a hormone that is secreted by the thyroid gland. Thyroid controls metabolism, temperature, and cerebral function. Thyroid helps the body breakdown fat and cholesterol, which helps protect against cardiovascular disease. Thyroid helps increase cerebral metabolism and prevent cognitive impairment, therefore helping improve our memory. Thyroid hormone has an affect on every cell in the body. Having inadequate thyroid hormone level means we are tired most of the time, even after a good nights sleep, or we become easily fatigued with little or no activity. Low thyroid levels result in feeling cold all the time when everyone else is comfortable. Having a decreased thyroid level cause depression and decreased immune function. The two important factors in treating thyroid disorders are using natural hormone replacement that is bio-identical and being sure your thyroid level is at its optimum. Many people experience signs and symptoms of low thyroid, but have low normal thyroid hormone levels. These people can benefit from thyroid supplementation without any adverse affects.

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