Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones affect every cell in the body. They act as messengers from our central nervous system by telling our organs how to function.  Each hormone has a specific action on different cell types in different tissues.  Once we reach middle age the production of these vital hormones start to decline and continues to do so as we get older.  Our cells that take in these youth giving hormones become resistant or not as receptive to the hormones as they were at one time.  The answer to the problem is optimal natural hormone replacement.

Why natural hormones?  If they’re so great all doctors would give them to their patients, right?  Wrong!  The majority of doctors only have one option and that is synthetic hormones.  Synthetic hormones are what the pharmaceutical companies sell and endorse to the medical field.  Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent natural or bio-identical compounds, therefore marketing natural hormones would not be profitable for them.  So these companies produce synthetic hormones that are proven to cause cancer and reek havoc in the human body.

Science can now produce natural hormones that completely match the hormones produced by our bodies.  Why continue to put synthetic chemicals in our bodies that have horrific side effects when there are bio-identical hormones available?   Natural hormones are what our bodies are accustomed to.  They are safe, and do not have the side effects that synthetic hormones have.

Optimal hormone levels can improve many symptoms that we experience as we get older.  By restoring our hormones to their optimal levels we make it possible to turn back the clock, restore energy and strengthen our bodies and minds.

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